Dan Patrick Says "Vanderbilt Shouldn't Be In The SEC"

Greg Arias

Dan Patrick thinks Vanderbilt should be in ACC rather than the SEC because Commodores football is unworthy of being in the conference with "the big boys."T

The radio host went even further suggesting that not only Vanderbilt but Kentucky should be traded to the ACC for Clemson. The thought process being that Kentucky basketball would belong in the ACC with fellow blue-bloods Duke and North Carolina while Clemson's football program would fit well into the powerful SEC.

  “Vandy (Football) should not be in the SEC... they should trade Clemson for Vandy,” Patrick said. 

While Patrick is correct that the Commodores football program is historically, and this past season at or near the bottom of the conference more often than not, the other athletic programs are far more competitive. 

Vanderbilt basketball has for years- at least until the last few seasons- been a solid program that has won three conference titles, made the NCAA tournament, won the NIT tournament and knocked off Kentucky and other top teams in their history.    

Of course, the Commodores baseball team is the reigning national champs and are the standard-bearers for what other NCAA programs strive to be on the diamond.

Patrick is a big-time name and national brand and his radio show has a tremendous following, but this comment or "hot take" is just more bluster from media mouthpieces who have nothing better to talk about than opinions, no matter how off base or dumb they might be. 

I generally like Patrick and think he is definitely at the top of the national talking-head media, but on this one, I think he missed the boat.  

 Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, LSU, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, University of the South (Sewanee), Tennessee, Tulane, and Vanderbilt were the original charter members of the SEC. Nine of those originals remain, including Vanderbilt. 

The Commodores aren't Alabama or Kentucky historically on the football field or the basketball court, but they've been here from the beginning and bring just as much to the table as those other schools, it's just not as the top team in those two sports.  

Maybe Dan should rethink this one, but then that's just one man's opinion and who am I to disagree with a legend of sports talk radio like DP.  

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