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Informal Survey: Fans Overwhelmingly Ready to Return to Stadiums

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An informal survey conducted by Commodore Country over two days overwhelmingly shows fans of college football are ready to return to stadiums as soon as possible.

The data collected from polls placed on both Twitter and Facebook asked the question, "Will you attend college football games this season amid the pandemic?"

Respondents were given three options,  YES, I'm there, NO WAY, and We'll have to wait and see.

A total of 227 people responded during the two day run of both polls, and the numbers weren't close. The majority of those responding were not only willing to attend but excited for the opportunity. 

 Of the 227 responses, 169 or 74.5% say they will attend games in person this season, given the opportunity. 

As for those answering no, only 19 respondents, or 8.4%, rejected the idea of attending games. 

The number of people who chose to "wait and see" provided a higher percentage than those wanting not to attend. 

In all, 39 of those responding, 17.1%, will wait and see what happens before deciding to attend or not. 

Of the two social media platforms used in this survey, responses from those on Twitter were longer and more engaging in conversation as to their responses. Those on Facebook were more limited to their specific answers. 

All of this means little outside one's limited social media reach, but it is at least a glimpse into the minds of people concerning this question. 

One responding on Twitter, @Jamalisms shared this in his comment. 

"Big nope from me. Distressing to see the voting results, but I suppose that current upward infection trends will probably continue based on those same attitudes, and we might not even get a season, so it'll all work out (terribly) no matter what."

Another @pookhahare added the following.

"Just wish people would wear a mask when close to each other. Like when going in and outdoors. It is crazy people want to go to sports, but their actions may prevent it. If ICU levels keep creeping back up."

As for Facebook, Phillip W. shared this. 

"I hope to be in South Bend on Sept 12th and Fayetteville on Oct 31st."

Shane D's response is interesting given his residence is in Tennessee, yet he is traveling to Lincoln, Nebraska. 

"Yes, have tickets for week #2 in Lincoln already."

And finally, Geoff C. added this humorous response with his comment.

"Since I haven't been to a game in a long time, I'm not sure if my opinion counts. But if I were given tickets to go to a game this season, yes, I would go."

There you have it, an unscientific survey with the overwhelming results showing fans of college football are willing to take their chances to attend games this fall.