It's Already Wild and Wacky in the SEC

Just how crazy can this season get? Hold on, we're about to find out.
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 There's little doubt that the SEC is annually the best conference in the nation, and they often prove it by beating other Power Five conference foes in the tune-ups for the conference season, but this year things look much different.  

As we see this so far throughout the conference, this could be one of the wildest and wackiest seasons in SEC history. Don't believe me; look at the current standings where several team-including the Commodores- haven't had the cupcakes de jour to feast upon early and inflate their win totals.  

Four teams remain undefeated through two weeks of the season compared to a regular year when as many as seven or eight might still hold a perfect worksheet. 

The four are the expected in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and the lone possible outlier in Tennessee who have had their cupcakes earlier than the rest except for Florida. Though someone could make the case outside the Tide, Dogs, and Gators, the rest of this conference field are their cupcakes. 

The second rung of the ladder belongs to the West, where other than Alabama, everyone else on that side of the conference is bunched together with a 1-1 record. 

It's the exact opposite in the East, where after the three unbeaten, the remaining four are all winless. Better look now to make sure I'm right because we might never see anything like this again. 

Through two weeks, the biggest disappointment has to be the 0-2 Kentucky Wildcats. They entered the season sported one of the top offensive lines in the conference and the return of quarterback Terry Wilson to lead that side of the football. Their loss to Ole Miss on Saturday came with some of the weirdest moments of the young season. 

LSU's opening week loss to Mississippi State was also a head-scratcher at the time, but an even bigger one after the Dogs dropped last week's game to an Arkansas squad who hasn't won a conference contest in three years. '

Is that wacky enough for you? It's only been two weeks! 

No one knows what will happen next, but I'm willing to bet that we haven't seen the end of this madness as there is likely more to come and probably will this weekend. 

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