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NFL Looking Into Saturday Games If No College Football

All options are being discussed on every front when it comes to sports in the wake of this pandemic.

There could be football Saturday's in the south, even if there are no college football games in 2020. 

NFL officials have discussed giving the league flexibility to move more games to Saturdays if the college football season is postponed, according to the New York Post's Andrew Marchand. 

Per Marchand, the NFL has had "preliminary discussions" with its broadcast partners about the possibility of moving games. The NFL already schedules Saturday games, but only after the college football regular season concludes in December.

It will only consider the move fully, per Marchand, if college football is delayed or canceled because of COVID-19.

Of course, we all hope that this is not necessary, and the powers that be that control college athletics will, along with our nation, find a solution where college football can take place this year.

Currently, he NCAA along with athletics directors from across the country, are working through every imaginable scenario to prepare contingency plans for every possibility to be ready when the comes to make a final decision. 

Should the NFL move games to Saturday in the wake of college postponement or cancelation, there will be issues that will have to be addressed because of scheduling where the NFL will release all team schedules before the time when the NCAA will have made decisions. 

It's not anything that can't be overcome by the league, especially if their games are being played inside empty stadiums, as has been proposed by the coalition as one option to allow their season to take place. 

It's not college football, and for many people who prefer the college version and don't watch the NFL, it won't fill the void, but for those who are fans of both versions, it would at least allow for some sense of normalcy to return to Saturday's in the fall if the NFL can fill the void. 

Of course, the NFL is in a much different position than that of college athletics as their players are on board to play a season where they will earn millions of dollars compared to college athletes who are currently not compensated above their scholarships. 

For now, e wait and see, but at least there could be a Saturday option for fans this year. It's not perfect, but it's better than the alternative.