SEC Continues To Produce To Football Talent: Linebacker U

Greg Arias

There no denying that when it comes to producing the top football talent in the country, the Southeastern Conference is second to none in the numbers of players they provide the NFL on a yearly basis. 

Recently Sports Illustrated began a series examining which schools should be named the top producer at each position. 

Today we share with you Linebacker U, which happens to be an SEC team, and it will be of no surprise to fans of the conference.  

While the Vanderbilt Commodores are not included in the top producers at this position, two former Commodores are making names for themselves in the NFL. 

Both Zach Cunningham and Oren Burks have become names recognizable around NFL circles for their play in the league and should be a source of pride for fans and the program for what they have accomplished since leaving campus for the next level.   

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