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In the aftermath of another of semi-final blowout in the college football playoffs, it's clear that the current system is broken and the joke is on us all as fans of the sport. 

We've been told that conference championships matter, but all conferences are not equal. 

We've been sold the big of goods that a committee of college football folks are the best way to select the top four teams.

Not even close.  

We've also been denied the ability to see Cinderella dance when a team like Central Florida is kept out of the party even though they finished undefeated. 

We've also overlooked the fact that every other division of college football has playoffs, have for years and there are more than four teams in them. They tell us that adding games to the FBS teams is too much for the student-athletes. 

So then you're telling me that the players at Montana, North Dakota State, James Madison, and Weber State are less student-athletes than those at  LSU, Ohio State, Clemson, and Oklahoma and thus must play more playoff games to earn a title. .

I call bull on that too, along with this whole charade of a playoff system where conference titles matter until they don't and where we get the so-called "best four teams" until we see Oklahoma blasted. 

Vanderbilt played a closer game with LSU than the Sooners did, and they held Heisman winner Joe Burrow to fewer touchdown passes in the game than Oklahoma allowed in the first half alone. 

If you truly want the four best teams in the country, is this the way to get them?

Nope and those in charge know it but as with so many things today, it's all about the money. But these were the four best teams in the country they told us. 

You tell me, were these really the four best teams in the country on display Saturday or were there better teams who sat home because they reside in the same conferences as LSU and Ohio State, who both belong.

If the powers that be really want to give us the best, then take a page out of the NCAA basketball tournament and let Cinderella dance. Let the best teams in the country decide it on the field, not in some conference room in Dallas where humans decide who they want in because they won a league championship in a terrible conference.   


There's no absolutely perfect way to do it, but when the "smart people" decided to do away with the BCS they should have gone straight to an eight-team field. Then every conference champion from the five Power-5 conferences would automatically get in. Then and only then would all conference championships become equal. 

They aren't under this current catastrophe.   

Next, the best team in the group of five would get in. See UCF when they were undefeated and deserved at least a chance to dance. If there is no deserving team from this group then simply move on and take the three next highest-ranked teams, otherwise select two along with the group of five representatives. 

Yes, I know there will be first-round blowouts but then the second round would be better and so too would the championship game if a Florida or Auburn were to get in and advance as both gave LSU a better game than the Sooners. 


Call me wrong if you want, I've been that way before but I'm tired of being part of the joke that has been going on in college football for decades. 

If you feel the same, then it's time you join me in that feeling and find a way to remove the hypocrisy and stupidity from the sport we love.