Three Predictions: Vanderbilt-ETSU

Greg Arias

The Vanderbilt Commodores play their last home game of the season tosday as they host East Tennessee State University and this is a critical game for the Commodores. 

No a win today won't get them into a bowl game or erase any of the negatives of this season, but considering the fact that athletic director Malcolm Turner made clear earlier this week that Derek Mason is the Commodores head coach and will be next season, let them lose this one and see what the fan reaction will be like.   

So in a must win for non-conventional reasons, here are the three things we predict from today;s matchup between the Commodores and Buccaneers


1) Vaughn Unstoppable: Ke"Shawn Vaughn will run like a man possessed and have a huge day on the ground in his final appearance at Vanderbilt Stadium. It might not be a single game record kind of game, but it will be Vaughn left, Vaughn right and Vaughn up the middle repeatedly as he puts his team on his back one more time.  

2) Neal, Pinkney and Lispcomb Get It Togehter: We sort of anyway. We don't think that the issues with the Commodores passing game that have gotten worse asn the season has progressed will suddenly be magicaly healed and go crasy today, but it should be better simple because of the opponenet and these three seniors end their Commdores careers with a respectible performance. 

3) Outcome: The Commodores offense will be better than in recent weeks, and as predicted above, the running game will carry they day while the passing game contributes more than of late.  

FINAL SCORE: Vanderbilt 31 East Tennessee 13