Report: ACC Continues to Gather Momentum for a Fall Football Season

While other conferences continue to evaluate best options for the upcoming college football season, the ACC momentum to play continues to gather steam
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The Atlantic Coast Conference has continued to move in the direction of playing football this fall, according to Yahoo! college football writer Pete Thamel.

Thamel, citing a conference source, says the ACC is more aligned to playing football this fall than they have been throughout this entire process.

The ACC's persistence to continue to move forward acts contrary to moves that other conferences seem destined to make in the near future. The PAC-12 and the Big Ten appear to be moving in the direction of canceling the college football season this fall, although at the time of this article, neither conference has officially announced that it is canceling the season.

The Big Ten's official decision appears likely to come in the near future though, as was also reported by Thamel on Tuesday afternoon.

This is likely going to take several more turns before there is clarity on all fronts. The Big Ten and PAC-12's impending decisions to cancel the season represent a stunning heel turn by conference leaders, just one week after releasing conference football schedules.

The reasoning for the decisions will ultimately be very complex. Player safety amidst the ongoing COVID pandemic will be cited, but player safety, external pressure from donors, and the need to combat player organization/unionization are likely all factors playing into the decision making of conference leaders.

For now, the ACC will continue to try to play football, but expect more twists and turns to come as conferences move towards final decisions throughout the rest of this week.