Report: ACC Intends to Play Football This Fall

According to Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports, the ACC plans on playing football this fall
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After a weekend of rumors and uncertainty regarding the upcoming college football season this fall, and a Monday that only provided more confusion and pessimism for the overall outlook - there was a glimmer of hope for the sport coming out of the Atlantic Coach Conference.

According to Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports, the ACC plans to play football this fall.

"We are trying to move forward [with playing] absolutely. I don't know if there is a drop dead time period [to decide]. We don't start play until Sept. 12th," an ACC official told Dodd.

As of the time of this article (things change quickly, so it's necessary to put in that condition), ACC presidents and athletic directors were expected to continue deliberations throughout Monday night. 

However, as other conferences like the PAC-12 and Big Ten lean towards canceling, it appears that the ACC is moving in a different direction.

But if multiple conferences cancel, will it be worth it for the ACC to continue? The conference presidents and athletic directors feel that they can proceed safely, but if they're one of the only conferences playing, is it worth it?

This will be the question that the ACC officials will need to ask themselves as they continue to navigate this uncertain time in college athletics. 

It takes courage and guts from the ACC to stick their neck out for the players and find a way to play a season in the safest way possible. 

Other conferences, despite making moves insinuating that football was a priority, are now acting contrary to all actions they've made leading up to this point.

It's a pivotal moment for the sport, and nobody knows how any of this will turn out.

As it stands now though, the ACC is looking at a way to make this season happen this fall.