Social Media Helps Former Hokies Running Back J.C. Coleman Find Old Jersey

Former Virginia Tech running back J.C. Coleman searched for an old game-worn jersey. Twitter helped him find it.
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If you spend any amount of time on Twitter, you know it can be a pretty toxic place. Whether it is sports, politics, or virtually anything else, things can take an ugly turn in a hurry if you don’t agree with someone — or a specific topic.

Virginia Tech Twitter can also be quite interesting, entertaining, or annoying — depending on the day.

On Friday, the power of Twitter created quite the feel-good moment for one former Virginia Tech football player.

J.C. Coleman, a former four-star running back who played at Virginia Tech from 2012-15, rushed for over 1,500 yards during his collegiate career. Coleman was looking for a specific jersey for his collection and took to social media looking for help.

The Hokies wore these jerseys back in 2015 against North Carolina.

Much like anything else, the reactions to the uniforms were mixed among fans. However, these jerseys were a hit amongst the players.

According to Coleman, Virginia Tech equipment did an auction and his jersey was sold. Former Hokie defensive back Chuck Clark chimed in, too.

Coleman posted his message on Twitter around 8:30 PM ET on Thursday evening. By Friday morning, just 12 hours later, Coleman received the response he was looking for.

Virginia Tech fan Scott Luxton had purchased the jersey and had it framed in his home. He responded directly to Coleman’s original response and offered the jersey back to the former Hokie.

Numerous Hokies responded to Luxton’s gesture of kindness.

Finally, Coleman saw the message and was elated.

In the end, Coleman got his wish and it was a terrific example of one Hokie helping another.

Now, can someone help Donovan Riley find his: