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Apex Legends is a battle royale about survival and fast-paced, action-packed gun play. Even though the gunplay is paramount, there special abilities that each Legend has can easily mean the difference between victory and defeat. It’s for that reason it’s extremely common to see movement and scan legends sitting on the top of the charts. Here are the top 10 most picked Legends according to the Apex Legend Status website.


It should be no surprise that Pathfinder (and the next few Apex Legends) is at the top of the pick charts. He’s always been a fan favorite and has been one of the most mobile Legends in the game thanks to his grappling ability. With the press of a single button you can get out of harm's way, or if you’re good enough completely disorient the enemy squad with a fake retreat and follow it up with a squad wipe.


Octane is another pure movement Apex Legend and one you should never expect to leave the Top 3 pick spot. Thanks to his tactical ability he’s always moving and depending on your rank, that small increase in speed can throw off some players tracking. Strafing and sidestepping while stimming makes you very hard to hit and his ultimate makes for a great getaway, or a fast push.


You’ve seen plenty of bald, sweaty Wraith’s in your lobby and there’s a reason why. She’s the original skirmisher in Apex Legends and after all this time she’s got a special place in the heart of Solo Q players everywhere. She may not have the speed boost of Octane, or be able to get out as quickly as a Pathfinder, but her tactical ability saves her life so she can come back around for a second try (if she even needs it.) She will always remain a top 3 or 5 pick.


Despite still not being able to see through her own smoke ability, Bangalore is a top pick for older Apex Legends veterans. Those who know how to play in the smoke without a Digital Threat sight are deadly. She’s also got that unique Double Time passive ability that gives her a short speed boost if someone shoots anywhere near her. It’s great for fast repositioning and staying just a few seconds ahead of your enemies.


Despite Seer dominating the scan meta in the professional Apex Legends scene, Bloodhound surpasses him in pick rate by quite a bit. This is likely due to the fact that Bloodhound is a free-to-play character and Seer and is behind a purchase. Bloodhound is also a lot easier to play as their abilities are just a single scan in one direction, as opposed to needing to constantly be looking with Seer. Bloodhound is a great first pick for new players and veterans alike.


Despite some recent nerfs to her accuracy while in gravity lift, Horizon still remains a very popular top pick in Apex Legends. She suffers no movement penalties when she hits the ground and her tactical ability allows her and her teammates to get to positions that normally very Legends could. She’s also got one of the coolest and potentially deadliest ultimates in the game with her singularity.


As the first de facto support character in Apex Legends, it’s no surprise Lifeline’s pick rate stays so high. She’s a great pick for beginners and her ability to revive while still shooting at the enemy is something that is very attractive to all levels of play. Even with other characters getting the Support role, she’s still the only character who is a healer in the game and that’s an attractive trait for a lot of lower level players.


Valkyrie has been a very popular pick since she was introduced to Apex Legends, but with a series of nerfs over the past few seasons she’s fell down the charts a bit. She has great movement potential with her jet pack passive ability and her ultimate allows her and her team to get out of sticky situations very fast.


Loba will always be a popular pick in Apex Legends for a few reasons; the most prominent being her black market ultimate ability. The chance to take an early fight with your comfort weapons instead of whatever you found on drop makes your chances of survival considerably higher. She’s also a fan favorite thanks to her impeccable fashion sense.


The first Apex Legends character with a pick rate under 4%, Ash and everyone underneath are a bit more niche in what they bring to table. What makes Ash a bit more popular than the rest is her ability to engage and start a fight. Her ultimate isn’t as versatile as Wraith’s, but it’s instant and allows you to take angles and fights on teams you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Ash also has a unique passive ability that lets you see where the fights are happening so you can set up third parties for quick kills.