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What makes a good Kings Canyon Drop Spot in Apex Legends?

  • A good drop spot in Apex Legends has enough loot to get a basic to rare loadout for your team within the first minute of landing.
  • Kings Canyon has a lot of room to move around, so you need to be cautious of where you can rotate and how other teams can ambush you.
  • A lot of the Drop Spots in Kings Canyon can get hot very quickly, watch where people are dropping and stick to zones on the edge of the map.

Kings Canyon is coming back into the map rotation with Season 17 of Apex Legends, Arsenal. If you want to find your way to the champions circle more often, then you have to be making the right decisions from the jump. The first most important choice a player in a battle royale can make is where to land. Every good drop spot has two main traits: good loot and good rotation options. Here are some of the better drop spots in Kings Canyon for Season 17 of Apex Legends.


Located on the northern side of the map, Artillery is one of Kings Canyon’s oldest drop spots. A lot of players who loved it transitioned to Crash Site when it was added during Season 8 of Apex Legends with Fuse. Crash Site does have more loot than Artillery does, but it also tends to be a lot hotter on drop and doesn’t have as good rotation options.

It’s better to drop into Artillery, quickly loot and based on the ring position, move north to try and clean up the teams that dropped Crash Site. If the ring pulls far to the south, dropping too far north can have you playing cross country simulator for the match.

Between the redeploy balloon past the south wall and the paths leading to Crash Site, Containment, Broken Relay and Capacitor, this POI is a very strong choice if you can get it to yourself.

If you do drop here with another team, you want to take the height as quickly as possible. Controlling the northern wall between the two buildings with access to both of the ziplines is the best way to win the engagement, especially if you end up with long range weapons and some decent sights.


Octane’s town takeover in the bottom left hand corner of the map can sometimes be a hot drop, but if you can get this area to yourself it’s a great place to start. The whole thing can be looted by a single team very quickly thanks to the jump pads. There’s always a purple or golden item in the center that you can hit with one of the jump pads.

Like all good drop spots in Apex Legends it offers great rotation options to get to the action quickly, or to fill out your loadouts further if you don’t have everything you’d like.

Airbase to the north doesn’t always see a lot of activity, so it’s a good option for finding more loot or hunting down a single squad if you’re worried about third parties. If you do want to find the action fast, Relic to the west is often contested by a number of teams. You can even stick to the path north of Relic towards Market in hopes of catching a team making a retreat or flank a new team coming down to join the fun.

Crypto’s Map Room

The Map Room can be substituted for Repulsor based on how contested the area is. Map Room all by itself is usually decent for loot and has a mobile loot bunker near it for some purple and gold attachments. It also gives you a chance to see how busy the map is regardless of if you’re running a Recon Legend or not.

But like any good drop spot in Kings Canyon, you can loot here fast and then move into Repulsor to more loot and to try and catch any teams that landed there off guard. The biggest thing you need to be wary of is the Repulsor teams know you’re in Map Room and have no other teams to contest them. When that happens, if they’re smart and take the high ground against you using the Walls, it’s better to retreat to the west towards Caustic Treatment.

While it can be dangerous if snipers have eyes on you, crossing on the low ground between Repulsor and Caustic Treatment toward the area just south of Market can be smart as well. This gives you access to Relic, Market, Caustic or even The Cage if you’re feeling daring.

The Rig

Rig is a great place to drop for Apex Legends teams that like to play their games a bit slower, building up gear and resources and taking fights from a more strategic approach. There’s usually enough loot for your team to be well armed, crafting replicators can spawn here and there’s an ultimate recharge tower.

There are four options for rotations between Basin for more loot, Swamps for more loot and safe access to the southern side of the map. Depending on where other teams drop, you can usually find some action in Capacitor and Labs and the most direct route to the central POIs of the map.

The only big downside of Rig is if the map pulls far west or south, you could end up having a quiet match. Especially if the drop ship route started in the lower left side and you were one of the last teams to drop out.

If you happen to drop contested in Rig, it’s important to take the high ground near the charge tower or the house directly behind it and let the other team come to you. They’ll have to cross a lot of open areas, or risk being hit by the zone first.


The Swamps is a drop spot that tends to be overlooked in Kings Canyon. It’s a bit out of the way from some of the more exciting drop locations, but it has access to some sneaky rotation options and it’s so big that you should be able to find everything you need for a great loadout.

The Swamps POI funnels into Repulsor, Hydro Dam, Labs, Capacitor and The Rig. While a few of these do come up from low ground, if the areas you're rotating into have fighting going on, it’s very easy to sneak in and put yourself in a position to third party.

If you happen to drop into Swamps with another squad, there’s usually enough loot to get a decent loadout. Fighting here can be tricky because of all the different levels, doors and cracks in the houses. So communicate well with your team and try to isolate a member of the team that you can all push together.

In the case of a far ring, if you loot quickly you can still make good time by taking the shortcut through Hydro Dam and into The Cage. We don’t recommend staying long as The Cage is a great place to get sent back to the lobby, by staying low near the south side toward Market is generally fine.

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