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What makes a good Olympus Drop Spot in Apex Legends?

  • A good drop spot in Apex Legends has enough loot to get a basic to rare loadout for your team within the first minute of landing.
  • Olympus has a lot of choke points that lead to third parties, so you need to be cautious of where you rotate and where other teams might ambush you.
  • A lot of the Drop Spots in Olympus can get hot very quickly, watch where people are dropping and stick to zones on the edge of the map.

Where you drop in Apex Legends will make the biggest difference to whether you're a champion or you find yourself back in the lobby. Olympus is a very unique map when compared to Kings Canyon or Worlds Edge, the other two maps currently in rotation. All POI’s get funneled into areas that are primed for action or third parties. So it’s important to know how to best prepare the moment you leave the drop ship.


Docks can be a very powerful drop spot for a few reasons, the first is that on the very north side, in the middle prong of the ring there are three supply bins. The middle supply bin has a very high chance of containing a golden piece of gear or a golden weapon. Even if it doesn’t you’re still very likely to pull a purple shield. Then, right up the zipline in those two houses is a loot MRVN.

It’s also a very big POI with a lot of gear, chance of a crafting replicator and if you’re quick to get your loot you can probably still hear fighting coming from Fight Night. If you’re very lucky and no one goes to Fight Night, you’ll get even more loot and should be able to leave both POIs completely kitted out.

The main reason we suggest Docks over Fight Night is because the golden loot inside Fight Night usually draws a big crowd. It’s a much better idea to hit Docks or even Carrier and get yourself ready to come into Fight Night to clean up whoever the victor was. Docks also give you a few good options to rotate either through Carrier or east into Power Grid and Rift. It’s a top tier landing spot for Olympus’ map and Apex Legends overall.


The Icarus is one of the newer drop spots added to the original Apex Legends Olympus map and it’s a great addition. Both it and Solar Array are great landing spots, but the Icarus has a loot vault in the bridge if you can find the key card by one of the many dead scientists around the ship.

It’s also a fun place to take a fight and if you need to retreat it has many exits to do so in. With great rotation options into Orbital Cannon (where no one goes, so it's a safe getaway) or the backside of Bonsai Plaza (perfect to bunker down in).

Solar Array usually has a crafting replicator and a beacon for either Recon or Controller Legends. If you’re a sniper fan the middle building should have enough for you to get your favorite gun and a good scope as well.

This area can get hot halfway through the match so try not to hang out too long, but if you have it to yourself or only have one team to contest it can be a great place to start.


Between Elysium, Hydroponics and Phase Driver, you have a wealth of loot you can use in these drop spots to completely kit out your team. At least one of these will probably be contested by other teams, but choose whichever you’re most comfortable fighting for based on how popular they are.

Elysium will have 1 to 2 golden items or guns in the very center and Phase Driver has buttons you can press that will drop out loot drones that have a high chance of containing a golden item or gun as well. You can even repeat this every minute, but beware that nearby landing spots on Olympus can hear the Phase Driver going off and will come for you.

Hydroponics is multi-leveled, so if you do drop here with other teams be sure to take the high ground as quickly as you can and play together. If you can get the teams on the lower levels, they have to play around water and the footsteps will help you keep track of where they are.

Like all good POIs, this drop spot will give you plenty of rotation options, including the Phase Tunnel south of Estates and a small unlabeled tunnel just before Terminal going north between Estates and Hammond Labs.


This drop spot can often be one of the most overlooked in Apex Legends because it’s a bit out of the way compared to others. It’s also very big and there’s a lot of ground to cover. If you have the landing spot all to yourself, the top shelf is enough for one person to loot solo while the other two team members take the south west and south east side, meeting in the middle.

There’s at least one MRVN in here and a crafting replicator, so you should be able to get your whole team outfitted before you leave. Between the Docks, Power Grid, Turbine, Energy Depot and Gardens, you have a lot of choices on where you want to rotate first.

You could even run up to the giant phase sphere in the center and take it to Hammond Labs, but if there are people near the exit they will know you are coming and could ambush you easily.


The Gardens landing spot can be a very fun place to drop in Apex Legends, as it’s often very cold or very hot with no a lot in between. It can support two to three squads, but the loot will be stretched very thin. If you’re there with one squad then try to keep high ground and play it patiently. If there are more than two, you want to rotate around and try to play the other teams against one another or get one pinched in between.

If you need to, Lifeline’s Clinic to the east can be a safe haven to take some of the pressure off and get even more loot. It almost always has a purple or gold item in the center healing console, there’s a care package you can call down in the back and two loot drones in the basement.

Garden’s also has a great high ground view of the Grow Towers, a back entrance into Energy Depot where you can get some great third parties going when it’s a hot drop and a northern rotation into Rift.

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