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Prestige Skins Ranked Best to Worst and How to Unlock Them in Apex Legends

Here are the best and worst Mythic-level Prestige Skins in Apex Legends and how to unlock them.

Ranking Apex Legends Prestige Skins from Best to Worst and How To Unlock Them with Heirloom Shards

  • Players can obtain a Mythic-level Prestige Skin by opening an Heirloom Shards Pack and buying it from the Mythic store with 150 Shards.
  • Players can also obtain a Prestige Skin by collecting all 24 limited-time cosmetics in the Collection Event when a Prestige Skin is added to the game.
  • There are currently seven Prestige Skins in the game and they belong to; Loba, Revenant, Valkyrie, Caustic, Wraith, Bangalore and Bloodhound.

When it comes to always online, competitive games like Apex Legends, cosmetics such as Legend skins and weapon skins are an important part of the game. Not only do they let players express themselves as individuals, but they also allow players to flex on one another when they have rare or expensive cosmetics, like Heirlooms or Prestige Skins.

Here’s how to obtain a Prestige Skin and which ones are the best in the game.

How To Obtain a Prestige Skin in Apex Legends

Obtaining a Prestige Skin in Apex Legends is the same as obtaining a Heirloom weapon. There are two ways to do it and one is very expensive or time-consuming while the other is just a matter of luck.

For any Mythic-level cosmetic you need to either plan to get it when it releases or get your hands on a set of Heirloom shards. The Heirloom shards have a 1 in 500 chance of dropping from any Apex Pack you open. There is also a mercy timer, so if you don’t get one in 499 packs, you will get it on your 500th pack.

Once you have a set of Heirloom shards just visit the Mythic Store and purchase your Prestige Skin of choice.

The more expensive choice is to collect all 24 limit-time cosmetics from a Collection Event to unlock a Prestige Skin when it releases. This will cost you 159$ if you buy the two bundles in the event store, than another 12 packs to complete the collection.

However, you can cheapen this cost by using crafting material to collect them. You’ll need roughly 9600 crafting materials to make all of the epic purple cosmetic items, or 38,400 crafting materials to get it completely for free.

What Is A Prestige Skin in Apex Legends?

A Prestige skin is a Mythic-level cosmetic that comes with a few different perks. The skin has three different stages or tiers which are unlocked by dealing a cumulative amount of damage on the Legend for which you have the skin once you unlock it.

Dealing 30,000 damage unlocks Tier 2 and dealing another 70,000 damage for 100,000 in total, unlocks Tier 3 and the unique finisher move.

Starting with Valkyrie, the fifth Prestige Skin to be released, the first stage also comes with a unique dive trail. The first five Prestige Skins didn’t get a unique Dive Trail and there has been mixed answers from the Respawn Dev team on if they would go back and add them.

There’s also been talk that going forward they may add more perks to the Prestige Skins as some players continue to voice frustration around these skins costing so much money when you can’t even see them like you can Heirloom weapons. Heirloom weapons also have unique animations, which the Prestige Skins do not.

The Best and Worst of the Prestige Skins

All Prestige Skins are not created equal and some Legends got way better threads than others did. Here are the rankings of the Prestige Skins from the worst to the best.


It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that Bloodhound is the worst of the Prestige Skins in Apex Legends as they were the first one to release. There was still a lot of confusion early on as to what the Prestige Skin would be, so the biggest stream of ire and disappointment from the players happened with Bloodhounds release.

Their skins are fine as far as designs go, but individually they aren’t even the best designs they’ve ever had. There are a handful of Legendary Bloodhound skins that players would wear over these. The finisher is pretty cool though as it features Bloodhound using a laser to vaporize their opponents.

The Apex Hunter Prestige Skin for Bloodhound in Apex Legends.

Bloodhound's Apex Hunter Prestige Skin.


Despite being one of the more recent Prestige Skins, Revenant is low on the list because his skins feel like one incomplete skin as opposed to the others who feel like each one could be its own skin and they add more and more to it. Revenant's Tier 1 and Tier 2 just look like they’re missing key components off of one big design.

While Revenant has one of the most brutal finishers among the Prestige Skins, where he devours his opponent into an infernal engine in his chest, it does feel a bit like a similar finishing move that Horizon has with her ultimate. Similarly, some players have pointed out that his dive trail seems to be similar to one of his skydiving emotes where he summons skulls to fly around him.

The Apex Nightmare Prestige Skin for Revenant in Apex Legends.

Revenant's Apex Nightmare Prestige Skin.


Bangalore’s Prestige Skin has a similar problem to Bloodhound as the second one released. Players expected and wanted more out of the Prestige Skins. She has no dive trail, and her skins designs are fine, but she has way cooler Legendary skins. Like her Heirloom weapon, nothing about the skin says ‘Bangalore’ and could just as easily serve as a cool design for any Legend.

The finisher is one of the coolest around though and features a brutal close quarters combat combo that ends with her using a laser-fist weapon to stab into her victims.

Bangalore's Prestige Skin Finisher in Apex Legends.

Bangalore's Prestige Skin Finisher in Apex Legends.


The Prestige Skin for Valkyrie is the first one to feature a dive trail, Bladed Descent, and the same blades that she uses in that make an appearance in her finishing move. She rises up into the air, summoning these blades and then impales her opponent with them. It’s a great finisher that borrows from her dive trail to give the Prestige Skin a feel of being complete.

Where it falls short compared to the other three on the list is in the design. It’s a great design that fits Valkyrie and all three stages are very cool. But it lacks color and therefore, doesn’t catch the eye the same way the next three skins do.

Valkyrie's Bladed Descent Dive Trail in Apex Legends.

Valkyrie's Bladed Descent Dive Trail in Apex Legends.


Despite being the third Prestige Skin in Apex Legends to release, Wraith does one thing that no other Prestige Skin has done. If you look on the inside of her shoulder cape you’ll see a kind of prismatic, starry-night sky pattern that moves. It’s even on the Tier 1 Skin and is the kind of je ne sais quoi that Prestige Skins should have more of.

Even without a dive trail, Wraith’s skin just looks cool and screams her vibe. Her finisher is equally as cool as she uses laser whips to finish off her opponent.

Apex Voidshifter Prestige Skin for Wraith in Apex Legends.

Apex Voidshifter Prestige Skin for Wraith in Apex Legends.


The translocating thief Loba has received the most recent skin and it’s an iconic look for her. Loba has often referred to herself as a Wolf and now with her skin, the Apex Lycanthrope, she is. Moreso than any previous Prestige Skin, each tier of Loba’s skin is unique, but still makes sense as they progress to Tier 3.

Her dive trail is unique and inspired by her translocation device, but where Loba misses out on taking the top spot is with her unique finishing move. In fact, it’s probably the weakest finisher so far. She engages some special claws in her suit and then just stabs them into an enemy before that enemy vaporizes.

Loba's Prestige Skin from Apex Legends.

Loba's Prestige Skin, Apex Lycanthrope.


Hands down the best Prestige Skin in Apex Legends belongs to the Gas Daddy, Caustic himself. He’s got just about everything (except for a dive trail), his skins are iconic and feel like they could only be his and his finisher is brutal as hell.

This Prestige Skin, Apex Contagion, makes Caustic feel like the Super Villain he’s always been destined to be. With his finisher he takes off his mask, opens his mouth and just spits acid all over his victim. It’s very reminiscent of a Scorpion fatality from Mortal Kombat.

Caustic's Finisher in Apex Legends obtained from his Prestige Skin.

Caustic's Finisher in Apex Legends obtained from his Prestige Skin.