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Disney Lorcana Beats Out Magic with August Launch — TCGPlayer August 2023 Sales Breakdown

TCGPlayer's sealed product sales chart shows a promising start to the life of Disney Lorcana

The TCGPlayer Top 25 Sealed Products chart shows which products are the hottest, both in terms of products sold and market value. A quick look at this data showed some surprising twists for August 2023.

Going into August, Magic: The Gathering had the top spot with its Commander Masters set. Booster boxes for this promising set were getting pre-ordered for $375 back in July but this significantly dropped by the end of August, going down to around $280.

This was an expected trend since the hype around Magic’s Lord of the Rings set had taken up so much of the TCG community’s attention and prices always calm down in the TCG market after the initial hype wears off.

The surprising part, however, was the products that took over the top spot after the Commander Masters set fell to the wayside.

The number one spot for sealed product went to Pokémon for the Obsidian Flames set. While it had some spicy cards, like Charizard, this set was overall pretty underwhelming in the competitive sense. Still, the Pokémon community went crazy for it in August.

The second highest spot for sealed product was taken by Disney Lorcana. This brand new card game has seen major hype but it wasn’t able to reach the top of the charts due to a lack of sealed product that wasn’t able to meet the demand. While more cards are being printed in the near future, it definitely slowed down the possibilities for the game in August. Still, Disney Lorcana was clearly able to take down Magic: The Gathering in sales for now.

Is Disney Lorcana Going to Be a Top Card Game?

It’s hard to say for now. While Disney Lorcana was able to take down a giant in sales in August due to its initial release hype, it’s unclear what staying power Disney Lorcana has. This will depend on the growth of the competitive scene as well as how invested collectors continue to be as sets are released.

Right now, Magic: The Gathering is still considered the top trading card game, followed by Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! But other games are starting to come for the “big three,” including Disney Lorcana and One Piece.

Only time will tell how these newer games continue to grow in the TCG community over the next year but it’s safe to say that competitive trading card game players are hungry for new games after the “big three” dominated for so long.