XDefiant: Best AK-47 Loadout

Here’s the most dominant AK-47 loadout in XDefiant

Many XDefiant players will recognise a ton of the weapons included in the game. The AK-47 will most definitely be known as one of the most common weapons in First Person Shooters, and its popularity is justified. The AK-47 is known to be a hard hitting assault rifle which is perfect at medium range. This is no different in XDefiant, as the AK-47 can absolutely dominate lobbies with the right attachments.

Here’s the best loadout for the AK-47 in XDefiant.

Best XDefiant AK-47 Loadout

  • Optic: Reflex
  • Barrel: Lightweight
  • Front Rail: Pistol
  • Magazine: Fast Mag
  • Stock: Folded
XDefiant AK-47 /

This AK-47 loadout is focused on improving mobility and handling, due to the base AK-47 having a ton of recoil, and being quite slow. Firstly however, we use the Reflex Optic as this makes enemies much clearer to see on the map, improving your chances of getting eliminations.

We start the rest of the loadout with the Lightweight Barrel as this will improve aim down sights time, and movement speed. Secondly, the Pistol Front Rail and the Folded Stock both improve movement speed and sprint to shoot time, making the AK-47 viable even in close range gunfights. To finish the loadout we use the Fast Mag as this will decrease your reload speed, allowing you to get back in the action faster than ever before.

For your secondary weapon we recommend using the M9 Pistol as it has an extremely fast fire rate and is handy in close quarters gunfights. For the equipment, we use the Frag Grenade to make it much easier to clear out objectives and contested areas of the map.

How to Unlock the AK-47

The AK-47 can be unlocked in XDefiant by completing a simple challenge: deal 4,000 damage with Assault Rifles. This means that the AK-47 may be one of the last Assaullt Rifles that you unlock in XDefiant, so perhaps you should take a look at our ACR 6.8 or M4A1 loadouts to help you on your way to the AK-47.

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