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A Cavaliers fan already got a 2015 NBA champs tattoo.

By Extra Mustard
May 30, 2015

We've seen it over and over. 

A sports fan goes out and gets a tattoo declaring his or her team to be champions before the games have even been played. It often backfires, as it did with this Kentucky fan in 2014, this Kentucky fan in 2015 and this Seahawks fan for Super Bowl XLIX. Then there's this Nationals fan who did it a full seven months early (the jury's still out on whether it comes true).

The latest to test the world of sports tattoos and jinxes is a Cleveland Cavaliers fan. 

Stephen Curry took some free time to ride a tiny horse

The Cavaliers may have sailed through the Eastern Conference finals, but Stephen Curry and the Warriors should provide a significant challenge to LeBron James getting his third ring. 

Cleveland fans of all people should be wary of jinxes, so this fan must be awfully confident in the Cavs.

- Molly Geary

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