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Overconfident Kentucky Fan Gets a 2014 National Championship Tattoo

Guys, seriously, stop doing this.

In what has served as a growing trend among fans desperate to prove their fandom (just ask this Broncos fan), an overconfident Kentucky backer has already decided to get a tattoo declaring the Wildcats as the 2014 national champions.

Now, if any school should know to check its hubris this season, it's Kentucky. Alas, this was the same school whose fans were buying t-shirts reading "40-0" before the season began (opposing schools have actually started sporting the shirts as a form of mockery).

While nobody will question that the Wildcats possess the talent to win a championship -- they were ranked as the pre-season No. 1 for a reason -- the squads 22-9 record leaves them firmly outside of the top 25. And based solely on the quality of the tattoo itself, I'm guessing the decision to get it was made as hastily as it was inscribed.

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