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Meet the most confident Kentucky fan in America.

By Extra Mustard
March 19, 2015

Kentucky fans have a lot of reasons to be confident. The Wildcats are 34-0 heading into their first NCAA tournament game on Thursday night and Las Vegas oddsmakers have given them 6/5 odds to win it all.

Winning it all would give Kentucky a perfect 40-0 season, and one fan in particular is confident his team will achieve it. How confident? He's already tattooed it on his body.

Courtsey of WAVE 3 News

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Rock Wright is the man behind the tattoo, and he told WAVE 3 News that he does actually have a backup plan in the "highly unlikely" event the Wildcats don't get it done

"It's highly unlikely, but there's always that little bitty chance and I could change it to a 12, 'cause I know you all remember us winning in 2012. Otherwise, I got seven more championships before that so I got a lot of options," he said.

Now that's a man with a plan.

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- Molly Geary

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