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What a first two days in the big leagues it has been for Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Bligh Madris, who was called up along with highly-touted prospect Oneil Cruz for Monday's game.

Both had great games on Monday night, with Cruz driving in four runs and Madris having a three-hit night in his first MLB game.

Then, Tuesday came along, and Madris turned the dial up a notch, hitting his first big league home run, a 394-foot shot that came off the bat at 99.6 MPH.

According to the Twitter account @would_it_dong, the homer would have gone out in 28 of the 30 ballparks in MLB.

For Madris, the home run has been the culmination of a five-year professional baseball career in the minors to represent the tiny West Pacific island with a population of roughly 20,000.

Like Jazz Chisholm Jr., Lucius Fox and a number of others who were born and now represent the Bahamas on a big league diamond, this means that much more for the 26-year old outfielder, who's father was born and grew up in Palau.

The tiny Pacific island nation has a rich history of baseball, touting its own professional league and a national team that has seen quite a great deal of regional success.

Madris's debut was that major next step to put Palau on the map and as he continues to play in MLB, his achievements will forever be historic.

As for the Pirates, after a 12-1 win on Monday against the Chicago Cubs, Pittsburgh jumped out to a 5-0 lead early and are now leading 7-1 in the bottom of the seventh inning.