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Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred speaks during a news conference in Arlington, Texas, Thursday, Dec. 2, 2021. Major League Baseball and the players’ association met Thursday, Jan. 13, 2022, in the first negotiations between the parties since labor talks broke off Dec. 1.

‘What Did You Expect?’ MLB, MLBPA Finally Met. Not Much Happened

The most important thing about Thursday’s bargaining session is that there was one.

Sep 19, 2021; San Francisco, California, USA; Atlanta Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman (5) stands on the field during the sixth inning against the San Francisco Giants at Oracle Park.

How Each NL Playoff Team Can Fix Its Most Pressing Needs

Here’s what the Braves, Brewers, Cardinals, Giants and Dodgers need to address when the lockout ends.


Jon Lester’s Epic Baseball Story Comes to an End

Few pitchers get to impact MLB history the way the former Red Sox and Cubs ace did.


Hall of Fame Tracker Is Improving the Cooperstown Conversation

In cataloguing BBWAA ballots, Ryan Thibodaux has transformed how we think and talk about the voting process.

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Solidarity and Betrayal: Inside Baseball’s First Major Labor War

The roots of today’s MLB lockout can be traced back to the problems that led to the Players’ League more than 100 years ago.