Boxing News: Oleksandr Usyk Nearly KO's Tyson Fury, Hands Gypsy King First Loss

Oleksandr Usyk makes boxing history in Riyadh.

Oleksandr Usyk has made boxing history by defeating Tyson Fury in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, becoming the first undisputed heavyweight champion of the century. The last undisputed heavyweight champion was Lennox Lewis in 1999.

Tyson Fury vs. Usyk Post-Fight Press Conference Live Stream from Saudi Arabia

En route to a disputed split decision victory, Usyk hurt Fury terribly. The Ukrainian boxer almost put Fury's lights out in the ninth round with a flurry of punches following a flush left hook.

In his post-fight interview, Fury insisted that he thought he won the fight, though he'd make no excuses and take the rematch around October. The two heavyweights are known to have had a rematch clause, so it is guaranteed for late 2024 if not early 2025.

Round 1

Both men worked the body hard in the first: Usyk with his jab and rear hand, Fury with his jab. Usyk dictated the pace, and despite Fury's taunting, the Brit ate a clean overhand left towards the end of the round, which rattled his cage.

Editor score: Usyk 10-9 Fury

Round 2

Ruthless pressure from Usyk, who lands another left hand early in the second. He continues to work the body with jabs and straight lefts. Fury appears to be timing Usyk's left hand for a right uppercut. 'The Gypsy King' lands a few flush bodyshots and comes close with the uppercut before the round ends.

Editor score: Usyk 20-18 Fury

Round 3

More of the same from Usyk, who doesn't absorb a significant strike until the dying seconds of round three. the Ukrainian appears to be deterring Fury from leaning backwards by smashing the body when he evades. Fury begins to clinch and uses his overbearing size to tire Usyk in this round.

Editor score: Usyk 30-27 Fury

Round 4

The puncher's chance definitely belongs to Fury, who turns up the aggression in round four. He clubs Usyk over the top of the head, and the Ukrainian loses his footing. Fury also times a good uppercut in the dying seconds of the round.

Editor score: Usyk 39-37 Fury

Round 5

Heavy bodywork pays off for Fury as he forces Usyk to walk onto his punches in round five. The Brit appears to be finding his rhythm, which is problematic for Usyk.

Editor score Usyk 48-47 Fury

Round 6

In round six, Fury begins to walk away with the fight. Usyk's game plan is becoming one-dimensional as Fury is landing flush with hard body shots. Fury clubs Usyk with a short right hand and goes on to rock him with a clean uppercut. Usyk is forced to back off—clearly hurt. Fury doesn't chase the finish, but the round is his.

Editor score: Usyk 57-57 Fury

Round 7

The size disparity is becoming apparent as Fury lands yet another right uppercut that stuns Usyk—the right uppercut is money for Fury. Some desperation comes from Usyk's side as the fight slips away. He lands a few good punches at the end of the round, but it's too little, too late—he might benefit from a plan B.

Editor score: Usyk 66-67 Fury

Round 8

An excellent round for Usyk, who returns to his formula of success. He invests in the body and clubs Fury up top. Usyk ends up bloodying Fury's nose with a left overhand and damaging his right eye. Could this tip the fight in favor of Usyk?

Editor score: Usyk 76-76 Fury

Score 9

Fury touches the canvas in round nine! Usyk lands flush with a right hook, left hand combo and hurts Fury terribly. The Ukrainian chases his foe around the ring, landing at will until Fury falls against the ropes. The referee gives an eight-count, and Fury is saved by the bell—still a 10-8 round for Usyk.

Editor score: Usyk 86-84 Fury

Round 10

Fury looks to clear the cobwebs in round ten. Usyk plays patiently, stalking his foe around the ring. It was a relatively inconsequential round.

Editor score: Usyk 96-92 Fury

Championship rounds! Round 11 is razor thin as a cumbersome Fury plays matador with Usyk. Usyk may have stolen the round by landing the flusher shots, especially a strong overhand left with Fury seeing stars in the final seconds.

Editor score: Usyk 106-100-Fury

Usyk looking to put a cap on his performance in round twelve as he chases a finish. He rolls Fury's eyes back with another left hand - Fury lands a nice right hand. Usyk scores with a right hook that Fury rolls. The crowd bellows as Fury lands a flush right hand --- he does it again seconds later. They go blow for blow. It's over, let's go to the scorecards.

Final editor score: Usyk 116-109 Fury

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