Clyde-Edwards Helaire, Jonathan Taylor, D’Andre Swift Headline Rookie Running Back Rankings

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Although Clyde Edwards-Helaire was the only running back taken in the first round of this year’s NFL Draft he’s not the only rusher being considered as the first overall pick in rookie-only dynasty drafts. There were five rushers drafted in the second round, some of which have a strong case to go first overall for rookie fantasy football drafts. Jonathan Martin from the Colts, D’Andre Swift of the Lions, Cam Akers from the Rams and Ravens J.K. Dobbins are all being mentioned as potential first overall selections.

Sports Illustrated’s fantasy analyst Corey Parson and AllLions John Maakaron run through the list of rookie running backs in the video above.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Kansas City Chiefs, LSU Tigers

Former LSU running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire was the only running back selected n the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

Read the full transcript from their conversation:

Corey Parson: Hey, what's up its Corey Parson, the fancy executive here with Getting ready to talk some dynasty fantasy football rankings. Joining me to help do that is as SI fantasy and gambling analyst Shawn Childs and Lions insider John Maakaron. John, let me ask you about D'Andre Swift. A couple of seasons ago, the Lions drafted Kerryon Johnson. Injuries really taken a toll on his early part of his career. Do you think Swift has an opportunity to come in and be a lead back from day one? 

John Maakaron: Well, in speaking with Bob Quinn after the draft, he reiterated that he wants to continue a running back by committee approach. Look, Kerryon Johnson is the number one probably heading into the start of the season. But D'Andre Swift is in the mix when the Detroit Lions invest in a number two overall draft pick in the second round, pick number thirty five overall. You're going to definitely see D'Andre Swift be incorporated in Darrell Bevell's offense, especially early on in the passing game. Swift has the ability to elude tacklers. He's somebody that I believe is going to come into the league highly motivated because many believe that he was projected to be a first round pick, but he slipped into the second round number thirty five overall. So he has a lot to prove. I would invest in selecting D'Andre Swift. If you're, you know, playing fantasy football, I don't believe year one that he'll be the lead back, but there'll be an opportunity because of Kerryon Johnson's injury history. But look for D'Andre Swift to be incorporated early his rookie season with the Detroit Lions. 

Corey Parson: Shawn, when you look at someone of the rest of the rookie running backs, how would you rank them for dynasty purposes? 

Shawn Childs: I got to go with the Chief's offense, with Clyde Edwards-Helaire. He was a guy that kind of snuck up on the draft, but he's gonna catch a lot of passes. Great opportunity to score a lot of runs. He's gonna he's going to have touches on the early downs. Probably going to have growth as the season goes on. But he's in the right place. I like him the best out of the three running backs. Jonathan Taylor is a guy that's really talented. Upside back power runner. Tons of speed doesn't have a lot of catches. He's probably gonna improve. I like their offensive line a lot, but he's gonna split time a little bit out of the gate with Mack. But in a dynasty, Taylor should emerge in over the next couple of years as more of an early down back and maybe he even develops some catching. But Helaire is the guy I'm going to lean on as the top guy here. 

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