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Dodgers News: Dave Roberts Critical On Teams Urge To Win Following Clinch

Dave Roberts is remaining calm but wants to see his team improve on the little things

It's hard to keep the foot on the pedal all season long, especially when you are apart of the Dodgers that have been breaking records all season long. The Dodgers were the first team to clinch the playoffs, clinched home field advantage through the World Series and hold the franchise record for most wins in a season. 

There's not much else to accomplish in the regular season except finish with 111 wins instead of 110. Naturally you will start taking it easier as you focus on the World Series title, but Dave Roberts told the media he wants to see his team improve as they continue to get their edge back.

“I'm not worried. It's not worrisome. I do think it's a part of some human nature that there’s a little edge that’s not there given the circumstances. But, the guys that aren't hitting well... there's guys in the cage right now trying to work through some things. It's not from lack of effort. We'll be ready when it counts."

Despite battling injuries, the Dodgers undoubtably have remained the team to beat and have been given a first round bye for their efforts. This will give Roberts plenty of time to add some juice into his team prior to the postseason. 

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Whether it seems like the Dodgers are losing focus or they are just taking it easier towards the end of the regular season, one thing remains certain. If you aren't playing to win a championship then you are in the wrong sport.

The Dodgers are definitely in the right sport with their laundry list of accomplishments.