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Dodgers News: Mookie Betts Mentoring NL Rival Outfielder

Betts is doing his best to grow the game further with another special talent...

Mookie Betts is working with the enemy?!

Let's pump the breaks on that old trope. Rather, this is one established and accomplished Major Leaguer giving back to a fellow peer who's still trying to figure things out as a professional athlete. 

For context, we look at a tweet Atlanta Braves beat writer David O'Brien wrote a few weeks back. 

O'Brien had spoken with Atlanta outfielder Michael Harris II. The Braves starlet delved into his relationship with Betts. According to Harris II, Betts has turned into a mentor. 

Betts is clearly loving life in Los Angeles, whereas Harris II is starring for his hometown team. Despite the differences, there are a lot of similarities between both players. 

Betts and Harris II are both from the South. Betts grew up in Tennessee, and Harris II in neighboring Georgia. Betts was an All-Star outfielder for the Red Sox and Dodgers, while Harris II has the look of a future multi-time All-Star. 

Harris II and Betts are said to each love the activity of bowling. In fact, the duo teamed up and bowled together in a charity event last month. 

There are those who are fans of both teams that probably won't like this arrangement. Players on opposite teams are expected to dislike one another -- especially when the Braves and Dodgers will likely collide en route to a World Series appearance in 2024. 

In this case, Betts is nearly 10 years older than Harris II with far more experience as a professional at the highest level. Betts plays the game with heart, toughness, energy and class. 

If you're Harris II, there are few -- if any -- that can represent a better mentor in the game of baseball than Betts.