Dodgers Will Make Multiple Blockbuster Trades This Year, Says Ex-GM

What direction will Los Angeles go this trade deadline?
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Despite a plethora of injuries across the roster, the Los Angeles Dodgers have continued to push forward. They hold the second-best record in the National League at the moment and seem to be hitting a nice rhythm as we get closer to July.

After a massive offseason, the Dodgers entered the year with sky-high expectations. So far, they have essentially lived up to those, but the roster does have a few holes across it, especially as injuries have struck the lineup and pitching staff.

As the trade deadline approaches, the Dodgers could look to make a few more upgrades to better position themselves for a World Series run. According to former MLB general manager Jim Bowden, Los Angeles could be looking to make multiple blockbuster moves this summer.

"So it is tricky, but I know I know the Dodgers and I know Andrew Friedman. And everyone just take a deep breath because he's gonna get a starter, a reliever, and an outfielder by July 30. Book it. Put it in cement.”

If the Dodgers can add more talent to this team, it would help their chances of winning another title. While they likely could make a run with the current group, it's never a bad thing to bring in more help at the deadline.

Bowden also explained that the top of the lineup can keep them afloat for now but come playoff time, they will need more consistency.

“They can win with the top half of the lineup. Their first five guys can win games even if you don't have the bottom half because they're going to pitch well enough that ‘Just score me four runs’ and the top of that order is going to score four runs. But to your point, and it's well taken, is that you get to October it's going to matter — 100 percent, it's going to matter."

Jim Bowden via MLB Network Radio

Andrew Friedman has operated similarly at ever trade deadline since he assumed control of the Dodgers' baseball operations department, never settling for complacency. We could see more of the same from the Dodgers this trade deadline as the front office tries to maximize its current group of players.

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