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FOCO Launches New Phillie Phanatic Holiday Bobblehead

FOCO USA has just launched a new Philadelphia Phillies bobblehead celebrating the holidays featuring the Phillies Phanatic.

Heads up! FOCO USA has launched a new Philadelphia Phillies bobblehead! This time the bobblehead is celebrating the holidays while featuring the infamous Phillie Phanatic.

The Phanatic is seen wearing Phillies-themed holiday pajamas and is standing on a base with their name on it. Behind the Phanatic is a fireplace backdrop with plenty of team logos across it.

Here is how to order exclusively from FOCO!

Each bobble will be numbered uniquely out of 222, which makes this piece even more collectible. 

Philadelphia Phillies Holiday Mascot Bobblehead
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As with all FOCO bobbles, this one is handcrafted, making it a perfect gift for any Phillies fan.

It stands at eight inches tall, and unlike many of FOCO's creations, this one is in stock and ready to ship right away! So, it'll be ready as a gift for the holidays for any deserving Phillies fan.

This is one you don't want to miss out on!

Here is how to order exclusively from FOCO!

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