Lonzo Ball Makes Viral Statement on Brother LaMelo Ball

Lonzo Ball made a hilarious statement about LaMelo.
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LaMelo Ball is one of the most fun players to watch in the NBA, but he's also one of the biggest culprits of carrying the ball over more than anyone in the league. It's a cold-hard fact that even his older brother Lonzo Ball agrees with.

On the newest episode of Lonzo Ball's The WAE Show podcast, Ball was asked if carrying the ball became a problem in the NBA. Not only did Ball agree, but he hilariously threw his brother under the bus in the process.

"Yes," Lonzo Ball emphatically said. "Our brother is one of the main culprits! I've been calling that on him since (our) childhood."

Lonzo then went on to say that it wasn't just LaMelo Ball who carries all the time, but that it's all the biggest stars in the league.

"If you notice though, all these dudes that is carrying are stars," Ball said. "It's definitely gotten out of hand."

Lonzo Ball isn't wrong in his assessment of how the carry-over has gotten out of hand in the NBA. Nearly every single player egregiously carries the ball, and 99% of them get away with it. It's actually a big reason why it's so hard to play defense in the modern NBA - because the offensive player is allowed to get away with more now, than ever before.

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