17-Year NBA Veteran Believes Next Season is LeBron James' Final Season

Will this be LeBron's retirement tour?
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LeBron James has been teasing retirement for a very long time. One former Clippers and Lakers player is starting to believe that next season may actually be James' final one.

During an episode of FanDuel TV's Run It Back show, Lou Williams stated that he believes next season will be LeBron James' final one in the NBA.

"I'm buying it," Williams said. I'm buying it because the Lakers will probably draft Bronny with one of their three picks, that's going to feed the beast where he wanted to play with his son... I've seen this movie before, I played with Kobe in his last year. He started that season off dead serious. He was prepared to compete, realized that his body wasn’t going to give him everything that he wanted, and it turned into a farewell tour.”

LeBron James is very capable of playing another 2-3 seasons in the NBA. There haven't been any signs of his body slowing down because of injury similar to how Kobe Bryant's did. For LeBron, it seems more a matter of whether he wants to continue mentally preparing and physically getting ready for every NBA season. With the trajectory of the Lakers, it doesn't seem like they'll be competing for a championship any time soon, so the bigger priority is playing with his son Bronny James.

If next season truly is the final one for LeBron James, he'll have the most consistently great career in NBA history.

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