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When you think of titles, Los Angeles sports, or the most storied franchises in the state, chances are the Los Angeles Clippers are not at the top of your list. Former Laker legend and seven time NBA champion Robert Horry feels exactly how you probably think he feels about the Clippers. 

The Clippers have made a huge resurgence with a revamped roster throughout the decade, but the Lakers still remain the top basketball team in Los Angeles with their storied success and winning their league leading 17th NBA title in 2020. 

The Clippers seem to be knocking on the door, but Horry still believes the chances of the Clipper taking over remain bleak (quotes via Ryan Gaydos and Larry Fink, Fox News).

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"The Clippers ain’t never gonna win a title, man. What’s wrong with you? "I love Ty Lue. We played and won together but you know they’re just snake bitten. Until they put me in the front office or on the coaching staff, they’re gonna have no luck. I’m the best luck you can have. So, the Lakers before that because I’m a part of the Laker family."

Despite the recent commotion from the Lakers front office, the Lakers still have LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook on their roster. The team is loaded with former MVP's and future Hall of Fame candidates. 

Horry may sound like a biased former Laker, but the numbers don't lie. The Clippers still have to prove they are capable of winning a championship despite having their two-way stars Kawhi Leonard and Paul George

James won his fourth championship in 2020, his second season with the Lakers, while the Clippers have yet to reach the finals in the history of their franchise. For now, the Lakers remain the number one LA basketball team.