Five Observations from Day 2 of Buccaneers 2024 Mandatory Minicamp

Here's what we took from the second day of Tampa Bay's mandatory minicamp.
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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were fortunate to have had a nice breeze and some cloud cover for Day 1 of mandatory minicamp, but that wasn't the case for Day 2.

It was quite a bit hotter out there, but some things were still the same. Tristan Wirfs was still not participating, and neither was wideout Trey Palmer or tight end Ko Kieft, and a few players who have been making splashes have continued to do so in Day 2.

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BucsGameday was on site as always, and you can check out five of our observations from all the action below:

Bryce Hall Has a Tough Time

Bryce Hall is one of Tampa Bay's newest players after coming here from New York, but he had some trouble on Day 2 of mandatory minicamp. He got burned a few times, including on the first play against Jalen McMillan (we'll get to that next) and then on a long touchdown pass to Rakim Jarrett. Jarrett also beat him on another route by about a step, but he was overthrown by a hair.

This could be due to acclimation to the system or something else, but he'll probably look to bounce back on Day 3 tomorrow.

Jalen McMillan Shines Again

Surprise, surprise. Jalen McMillan has been a stud all camp long, and he continued that streak on Day 2. He ran a great route to beat Hall on the first play of 11v11s, and he caught his remaining two passes at medium depth — he went three for three today and hasn't had a lot of bad drops from rookie minicamp to here, if any. Expect him to really push Trey Palmer for the WR3 spot going into the 2024 season.

Randy Gregory Still Isn't Here

Randy Gregory once again didn't show up for camp, and if he were to miss all three days, he could be fined up to $100,000. Todd Bowles made his message for Gregory clear after practice, saying that he only coaches players who are here and won't worry about anything else.

Linebacker Lavonte David had some kinder words, saying that while he doesn't know what Gregory is going through and hasn't talked to him, he knows that Gregory loves the game of football and will want to compete when he's out at camp.

Jordan Whitehead Returns Some Kicks

Here's a fun one — safety Jordan Whitehead was running kick return drills in the early sessions. It's entirely possible he could be doing this in lieu of an injured Trey Palmer, but with the new kickoff rules, it seems like everything is on the table for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers heading in the 2024 season.

Ben Bredeson Stays Out Front

Ben Bredeson was once again on the first-team line during 11v11 drills. It's possible that Opeta could get the nod tomorrow, but recent trends would make that seem unlikely. As it stands, Bredeson looks to be the front runner for the team's vacant left guard position, and he'll probably take that momentum into training camp — but the pads will come on then and the contest could certainly flip with that in mind.

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