Why Micah Parsons is the Dallas' most important contract extension

Even with one more year remaining than Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb, Micah Parsons is the Cowboys' most important looming extension.
Dallas Cowboys, Micah Parsons
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CeeDee Lamb is holding out, and Dak Prescott could command somewhere close to $60 million. In the end, Tim Cowlishaw of the Dallas Morning News believes the Dallas Cowboys will have to find a way to commit more than $85 million to these two players.

As concerning as that might be for Jerry and Stephen Jones, those two aren't even the most essential extensions the Cowboys' brain trust has to figure out. That distinction belongs to linebacker Micah Parsons, who has become one of the more dominant pass-rushers in the NFL.

Selected No. 12 overall, out of Penn State in 2021, Parsons is already 13th in franchise history with 40.5 sacks. He could continue to climb the ranks as one of the best in their history, especially since he is still entering his prime after turning 25 in May.

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That's why Ryan Fowler of Bleacher Report says extending Parsons is more critical than Lamb or Prescott, adding that while those two are the tops at their position, Parsons is on the way toward such a status.

"The case can be made here for QB Dak Prescott and WR Ceedee Lamb, but neither of the aforementioned offensive stars are considered the top player at their position in the NFL. A dominant force off the edge, Micah Parsons has arguably evolved into the most feared defensive player in the game today." — Ryan Fowler, Bleacher Report

Parsons has one more season under contract than Lamb and Prescott, who are in the final year of their respective deals. After electing to pick up the fifth-year option in his rookie deal, Parsons is under contract through the 2025 season with a cap hit of just $5.43 million, which will leap to $21.32 million in 2025.

For several seasons, the Jones family has elected not to set the market, which continues to bite them in negotiations. They can't afford to do this with Parsons, who could see his salary demands get out of control with another monstrous season.

Instead, it would be wiser to actually set the market for once and then let the rest of the league pay more for their pass-rushers, who won't be as good as Parsons.

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