Mike McCarthy reportedly getting 'fed up' with Jerry Jones

Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy is reportedly getting "fed up" with Jerry Jones undermining him.
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Some believe Mike McCarthy is entering the final year of his contract with the Dallas Cowboys as a "lame duck" head coach.

There is no question that it is Super Bowl or bust for McCarthy in Big D, but Jerry Jones and the Cowboys' decision-makers did not make any aggressive moves in the offseason to improve their roster.

Tyler Dunne of Go Long says he spoke with Cowboys sources who discussed McCarthy's approach entering the 2024 season.

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For starters, they believe allowing McCarthy to coach on the final year of his contract is a mistake.

At least give him a one-year extension. You may not have to give him another five years, but at least extend them out one year and extend out all the coaches one year to give them a level of security.

Former Cowboys personnel man

Another interesting note is that McCarthy believes Jerry Jones is undermining him and putting him in a no-win situation.

Players have felt that impact because the coaches cannot influence players how they need to, leading to the Cowboys underachieving on the field.

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And, according to Dunne, McCarthy is getting fed up with the situation.

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"[McCarthy’s] doing it the best he can," a former Cowboys personnel man noted. "Some of the people I’ve talked to have said that he’s getting fed up with it a little bit.

"It’s hard. I feel bad for Dak. I think Dak’s a really good quarterback who is capable of taking a team to the Super Bowl. He’s got to overcome a lot of things."

It will be interesting to see if any tension boils over during the season. The Cowboys face a brutal stretch to start the season, facing seven 2023 playoff teams over the first ten games. An early losing streak will make McCarthy's seat as hot as can be.

Dallas will kick off its 2024 campaign on Sunday, September 8, on the road against the Cleveland Browns. Tom Brady will be making his broadcasting debut for the game on FOX.

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