Matthew Stafford Shines Under Pressure

Matthew Stafford is on the list of top quarterbacks who shine under pressure. Read more.

Matthew Stafford oftentimes has been able to escape pressure and still make plays for the Detroit Lions.

Despite not having the best offensive lines over the years, Stafford has been able to elude pass rushers and complete passes quite effectively.

Stafford was recently listed as one of the top-10 quarterbacks when pressured.

According to, when Stafford is pressured, he has an 84.2 passer rating, a +2.2 percent completion rate above expectation and a 49.1 percent completion rate.

As Nick Shook explains,

"Stafford was limited to just eight games in 2019, but he capitalized while his health still allowed it. Most of Stafford's placement here depends on his passer rating and completion percentage above expectation, especially when you consider he's the only player on this list who threw more than 30 percent of his under-pressure throws into tight windows. 

Stafford is another who has proven over the last four seasons he is a man of consistency under pressure. His combined passer rating under pressure of 83.8 is the third-best mark of any qualified NFL quarterback since 2016, trailing only Matt Ryan (87.9) and Alex Smith (86.3). While his 3:1 TD-to-INT ratio under pressure from 2019 isn't awe-inspiring, the combination of his advanced passing statistics under pressure earns him this position."

While injuries may cause some to be concerned about how Stafford will perform in 2020, he has shown the ability to compete at the highest levels despite facing challenging obstacles.


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