3 Lions' Storylines to Watch at 2020 NFL Combine

John Maakaron

It's that time of year again to record 40-yard dashes, height, weight and all sorts of other body measurements. 

This week in Indianapolis is important for the Lions and every NFL team scouting draft prospects at the 2020 NFL combine.

Here are three storylines Detroit fans should pay close attention to this week: 

Tua's medical report

Last week during a teleconference, NFL Network draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah expressed that Tagovailoa's medical report will be a vital piece of information that will determine his draft value.

"With Tua, it's just medical. His stock is not going to be impacted by what gets out in the media, because what gets out in the media is going to get out for a reason," Jeremiah said. 

He added, "So, I don't know that we're going to know where that's at. But I know that each individual team's doctors are going to get a chance to see him and find out what's going on there with the hip. And it's just different. A hip is different than an ankle and a knee. That's what, obviously, for good reasons, concerns a lot of people. So your doctors get a chance to see where he's at."

Joe Burrow might not be thrilled to play for Bengals 

Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports writes, "What's becoming extremely clear is Joe Burrow isn't jazzed about the prospect of playing for the Cincinnati Bengals … right now. Everyone in the football world understands 1) The Bengals need a quarterback; 2) they want Burrow and; 3) Burrow is the best quarterback in the class. And yet, this feels far from a sure-thing now, and it definitely feels that way when you consider the leverage Burrow has."

What will the Lions demand in return for the No. 3 pick?

If things go true to form, Burrow will be selected by the Bengals, and Chase Young will be selected by the Washington Redskins.

Detroit general manager Bob Quinn would then have an immense amount of leverage, if he were to decide to trade down from the No. 3 pick. 

Last week during an interview with a team reporter, Quinn expressed, "I have not had any trade conversations with anybody, as of yet. Those usually tend to start in the combine -- in the hallway that we kind of roll through."  

What the asking price will be is going to be fascinating to find out as information filters out of the combine this week. 


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No. 1-1

Bob Quinn sux at his job. No matter how the draft plays out he's gonna under perform. His draft history tells us he's not going to draft to the strength of the draft and ( an obvious need for the Lions) select a wr in one of the 1st 3 rds he's most likely gonna select yet another secondary player which isn't going to pan out, and hopefully at the end of the upcoming season Quinn, Patricia and Stafford are all asked to leave. And the true rebuild can begin.