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Quotes of Note: The Best From Rams' Week 7 Win Over Lions

Check out the best postgame quotes from the Rams' 28-19 win over the Lions.

The Los Angeles Rams now hold a 6-1 record following their 28-19 victory over the Detroit Lions at SoFi Stadium.

Following Sunday's contest, players and coaches took to the podium to discuss the Week 7 win.

Here are the best postgame quotes from the Rams' win over the Lions:

Sean McVay's opening statement following the Rams' 28-19 win

“Today, a lot of adversity that we had to overcome. I thought the guys weathered the storm. A lot of credit to the Lions and coach (Dan) Campbell. I thought Jared (Goff) did an excellent job being able to make his plays. I thought (D’Andre) Swift was outstanding. They did a great job defensively, really, creating a lot of pressure and making it difficult on us to kind of, you know, finish all those drives with touchdowns. Especially in the second half. But we came away with the win. I was really, really pleased with the guys in crunch time. I mean, for Aaron (Donald) to get that rush when we had to have it, force kind of an erred throw. Jalen (Ramsey) makes an unbelievable pick. Then we end up driving the length of the field, kick a field goal. Matt Gay delivers, in essence, kind of put the game out of hand. I thought Matthew (Stafford) made play after play. I thought Robert (Woods) and Cooper (Kupp) stepped up in a big way. There was a lot of realy good individual contributions. We'll take it. That's a really tough football team you got to give those guys their credit. But a lot of things that we can clean up. But certainly no style points in this league. And, again, a lot of respect for Coach Campbell and those guys.”

McVay On what was said between him and Jared Goff at the end of the game

“No, I'm not going to get into – no, I mean, it's – as I said, ‘Great job. I'll touch base with you a little bit later on.’ But that was – so I guess I did just share with you what I said.”

McVay on what he saw from Matthew Stafford

“I saw the same guy I've seen. You know, steady, great performer. He was great in the clutch. And, really, even when things weren't going well, he just stays nice and even-keeled. And that's what a great quarterback does. He's our leader. He did a great job today. And, you know, pretty special for him to go over 300 career touchdown passes. Speaks to the resumé of work that he has. And to be able to do that in a win against a former team a lot of great relationships, I know he has tremendous respect for that organization, the way he was treated there. And I think they feel the same about him. I was really happy for him to get the win.”

McVay on if the Lions look and feel like an 0-7 team:

“No. I think you guys could feel that today. Really competitive. I think it's a huge credit to their coaching staff, their players, their leadership. Coach Campbell did an excellent job. And you can see, there's a belief. I mean, any time that you go wire to wire with us, with a team like Minnesota, you look at the Ravens, you know, they had a chance to really win all three of those games and they've been in a lot of other ones. So absolutely not. This league is so difficult. You guys ask those questions all the time. But any given week, you got to be ready to go. Players are too good, coaches do too good of a job. And it's about who plays well in that three-hour window of time. And, fortunately, we were able to weather the storm today.”

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McVay on the relationship between Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp continuing to evolve:

“I think it helps. I think those two are so on the same page, they understand the intent of the plays that we're trying to run. They see the coverage structures when Cooper (Kupp) might end up being a guy that gets the ball based on how many guys were getting out in the route progression. And so, he came through in the clutch. He and Matthew's rapport is special. I also thought it was on display with Robert Woods. (Tyler) Higbee made a couple of really important catches. That third down and 10 in the high red area where he hits Higbee on kind of a seem bending in there, that was all Matthew (Stafford) and Tyler Higbee. So Cooper and Matthew have done an outstanding job but I think a lot of other guys have as well and that's why we're able to be 6-1 right now.”

Stafford on if it was an emotionally strange game for him:

“It was a strange game for sure. I mean, you know, all the fakes and all the surprise onside (kicks), some possessions stolen there. You know, great plays by them. But, just kind of had a weird feel to it. Didn't touch the ball too much in the first half but when we got our opportunities, we scored with it which was good. You know, it was a team win. Special teams came back and made a big play at the end of the game with Matt (Gay) making that field goal to really ice it. Jalen (Ramsey) making a great play late in the game to get us the pick. I thought we did some decent stuff on offense scoring with the football. So a team win. Detroit's a tough out. Always has been, probably always will be. You know, just happy to get one.”

Stafford on the turnout of Lions fans wearing his jersey:

“It was humbling, it was really nice to see. Driving into this stadium today, I saw a few walking around and I thought to myself, ‘That was pretty cool.’ I really appreciate it. I've said it a bunch of times, and I truly mean it, I loved my time there. I love all the people there that treated me, my family, my wife, with a ton of respect and a ton of grace for a long time. So, it was cool to see that. Once the ball was snapped, it was football time. I was ready to go play. But it was cool to see some of the stuff going on around.”

Stafford on registering his 33rd fourth quarter comeback against his former team:

“I didn't even think about that until you just said it. But I'm just trying to do whatever it takes to win the game, you know? And if that means the ball's handed with me with however much time's left to go out there and try and do something, I'm going to try and do it. It was a team effort at the end today. It may go on my record as a quarterback or whatever. But Jalen (Ramsey) gets a pick, Matt Gay hits a field goal to really ice the thing. Yeah, we had a touchdown in there, too, but that's a team fourth quarter right there. That's all phases coming together. That play by Jalen (Ramsey) is unbelievable, you know? I mean, that's a long drive. They're going down there, they're about to get seven and make it really tough on us. And he just comes out of nowhere and makes the play of the day. So I'm happy to be on the team with a guy like that. And I'm just happy we came away with a win.”

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