Ex-Saints Head Coach Jim Mora Doubts If Winston or Hill' is a Special Quarterback'

Former Saints head coach doesn't believe New Orleans' QB combatants "are a special quarterback."

“On hot sticky days in southern Louisiana, the fire ants swarm.” wrote the great author Walter Mosley.   With that said, expect the trending news coming out of Saints training camp the next few weeks to be hot, humid, and sticky as well.

In the days before Week 1's opener, NFL analysts, media, and fans will swarm Ochsner Performance Center's practice fields, watching and wondering who will become the quarterback and leader of the franchise, post-Brees.

Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill

Taysom Hill and Jameis Winston are engaging in a quarterback duel. After the 2021 New Orleans Saints training camp, one man will be named the leader of a capable winning team. A team that Drew Brees left for retirement.


Brees was special. Former Saints head coach Jim Mora, Sr. acknowledge this fact on New Orleans' WDSU during a taping a segment on the Saints.  

Mora has always been stern, candid, and not one to mince his words.  In a 20 second outtake posted by sports anchor Fletcher Mackel, titled 'Comin' In Hot,' Coach Mora shared his opinion on the team and the two quarterbacks battling for the starter position in New Orleans.


His opinion resonated with a few fans, yet others took exception in several reaction tweets.  One fan said, "Finally, someone is a voice of reason." Another responded, "I'd love to believe he is wrong. But I don't." 

One person wrote, "I vehemently disagree. Thanks, Jim. You ain't a HOF [Hall of Fame] coach like Sean Payton, sorry." Jameis Winston supporter and author, Author Jameis1of1, noted, "Someone may also want 2 remind him Jameis Winston blows Drew Brees away at the same stage of their careers."

Mora didn't stop after his initial statement, the "Saints are a good team. They had a special quarterback for a long time. I'm not so sure they have one now. I'm talking about special, now. And, to win it all, you better have a special one. That's my opinion."

Winston and Hill


He knows the game of football, and he knows talent. Coach Mora's views may not align with current head coach Sean Payton who said a few weeks ago, "both guys will rise to the challenge."

Winston and Hill can argue that they are unique and special. Hill has fought through injuries, guided high school, college, and now a professional team to wins - to what could be considered special.

Winston has had extraordinary moments in his life — from little league football and baseball to winning an NCAA National Championship and becoming the first overall draft pick in 2014 and a 5,000-yard passer as the Bucs' franchise quarterback — he's talented and special. Saints GM noted, Winston "has everything you want, but he will have to win the job."


I keep recalling the message boards on NOLA.com when Brees signed in 2006 with New Orleans. "Hot Garbage" was the consistent take on the future Hall of Famer. At that time, Brees was an outcast from San Diego who suffered an apparent career-threatening injury.  Miami's physicians wouldn't approve his physical; the rest is history. 

It was Sean Payton's belief in his talent and the Saints organization's willingness to allow him to prove his value. 

Brees had an uneven career with the Chargers in his 58 games under center.   His  team was 30-28 (W-L) and the threw for 80 touchdowns and 53 interceptions.

In comparison, Winston's 72 game appearances led to 121 touchdowns and 88 interceptions with a 28-42 (W-L) record.

Neither had tremendous winning records, but a fresh start in New Orleans buoyed Brees' career, perhaps it could do the same for Winston.

Would the Saints organization have ever won a Super Bowl title and become a perennial winning team if they did not give Drew Brees a chance? No.

With all due respect, Coach Mora Sr., giving Taysom Hill and Jameis Winston a fair chance to prove their value is all we can expect at this moment in New Orleans Saints' history.

The outcome?

We shall see.

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