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Desmond Ridder Debate

Are the Pittsburgh Steelers staying in their Super Bowl window with Desmond Ridder?

The Pittsburgh Steelers select quarterback Desmond Ridder in the latest All Steelers Mock Drafts, but is it a safe choice? Is it the right choice? 

There are a lot of reasons to believe Ridder has what the Steelers are looking for. He's athletic, a proven leader and has all the intangibles you want in a quarterback. 

On paper, he's a guy you feel confident selecting and building around. But on the field, it's a different story. 

Ridder has accuracy issues, has been inconsistent his entire career and even failed to truly impress at his Pro Day. Maybe all of those can be fixed with a sound quarterback coach and offensive coordinator, but is it worth the risk in the first round? 

It's time for the Ridder debate. 

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