Najee Harris Draft Night Video: '[Steelers] Hung Up on Me'

Watch Pittsburgh Steelers rookie Najee Harris as awaits his name in the NFL Draft.
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There was some luck involved in Najee Harris falling to the Pittsburgh Steelers as the first running back drafted at pick 24. Mike Tomlin and company weren't the only ones who needed a runner, and Harris felt every second of draft night because of it. 

In a video released by Overtime, Harris' draft night is revealed. The Alabama star walks you through the anticipation as teams like the Arizona Cardinals and Miami Dolphins are on the clock. 

"When it gets around your pick, now you feel the pressure," Harris says in the video. "It's like 'ah man,' let's see how they're going to do the running backs this year.'"

Harris discusses his thoughts on joining the Dolphins and two of his former Alabama teammates, and finally, his selection by the Steelers - who hung up on him. 

And you'll never guess who his first phone call from. Some may know him from his cooking show with Martha Stewart. 

Check out the whole video here: 

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