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Steelers O-Line Vows Not Helping Ben Roethlisberger Up Won't Happen Again

After an "embarrassing" week, the Pittsburgh Steelers offensive line vows to be better.

PITTSBURGH -- The Pittsburgh Steelers offensive line has plenty of eyes on them following the team's 26-17 loss in Week 2. 

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was hit 10 times, including two sacks, and on top of the poor performance, the offensive line was caught not helping their passer up after knock downs.

"It was definitely embarrassing," guard Kevin Dotson said. "We weren't noticing it during the game and you rewatch it you're like, 'I really didn't go pick him up like I was supposed to.' We know it's not going to happen ever again. That was definitely our mistake."

To help improved their efforts outside of picking their quarterback up, the Steelers o-line has started to implement a more physical drill, boosting the energy early in the week. 

"We've been doing that recently," Dotson said. "We always like to start the week off by getting physical. We don't want to have to warm up to it."

On top of the quarterback hits, the Steelers rank 31st in the NFL in rushing through two games, after spending the offseason focused on improving 2020's league-worst ground game.  

"It's always one thing that's messing things up," Dotson said. "It could be o-line missing a block, tight end missing a block, not creating a hole. It's always something and we need to get that one thing figured out."

As the season ramps up and improvements from the offensive line become more critical, the group is staying calm. Roethlisberger said Wednesday the alarms aren't going off yet. Dotson feels the same. 

"We've been doubted since before the season started," Dotson said. "So, it's not too much more pressure than there was already."

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