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Hines Ward Puts Blame on Steelers Players, Not Matt Canada

Hines Ward says Steelers players need to take more accountability.

PITTSBURGH -- During an appearance on the North Shore Drive Podcast with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Adam Bittner, former Steelers receiver Hines Ward talked about what he thinks is at the root of the offenses' slow start. 

Ward didn't blame offensive coordinator Matt Canada, like many fans have, for the 18 points per game that the unit is putting up now. He said that the Steelers players need to be more accountable for their role in the slow start. 

"I've never been a component of scheme," Ward said. "I always think that players win games. I look at it, and before I start attacking the scheme of it, I look myself in the mirror and say 'did I do everything possible what I had to do' before I start critiquing someone else. And if I can't answer  that question well, if I'm not out there catching balls, every ball that's thrown to me and I had some drops, then you're just a part of the situation as well."

This week, heavy criticism of the play calling has come from the Steelers locker room with multiple players expressing belief in quarterback Mitch Trubisky but not in Canada or his decisions. But Ward wants the players to own their part in the team's struggles. He doesn't blame Canada alone. 

"When you hear things and you say 'Well, it's a struggling offense,' it still comes down to execution," Ward said. "It's a collaboration of everybody. It's not just the offense or Matt Canada's scheme." 

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