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Steelers HC Mike Tomlin Pleased With Kenny Pickett, But Wishing He'd Develop Quicker

The Pittsburgh Steelers aren't hiding that they need Kenny Pickett to grow.

PITTSBURGH -- Kenny Pickett hasn't turned the ball over in the last two games after throwing eight in the five weeks prior. It hasn't led to multiple wins yet, but the Pittsburgh Steelers feel confident in the growth of their rookie quarterback.

Head coach Mike Tomlin took the podium for his Week 12 press conference and assured that field position was the reason for the loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. That included times when the offense couldn't score in key opportunities. 

Some in fault of Pickett. 

That being said, Tomlin is pleased with the progression of his rookie quarterback. Does he wish it would move quicker? Yes. But he's willing to move at this pace as Pickett develops.

"It's moving in the direction that we would like it to," Tomlin said. "Could it move faster? Absolutely. I don't think anybody is patient, including Kenny. This is not a patient man's business. You work while you wait. That's what he and we are doing. He is doing a nice job, in general."

Through six and a half games, Pickett has completed 65.4% of his passes for three touchdowns and eight interceptions. In the last two weeks, he's thrown for 464 yards and a touchdown with no turnovers. 

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