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Omar Khan is unsure what punishment Steelers cornerback Cam Sutton will receive.
Lions cornerback Cam Sutton celebrates a play during the second half of the Lions' 42-24 win over the Panthers on Sunday, Oct. 8, 2023, at Ford Field.
Lions cornerback Cam Sutton celebrates a play during the second half of the Lions' 42-24 win over the Panthers on Sunday, Oct. 8, 2023, at Ford Field. / Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK
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PITTSBURGH -- When the Pittsburgh Steelers brought defensive back Cam Sutton back to the team, they knew it wouldn't be the simplest of arrangements. After a few months of legal and off-the-field issues, Sutton signed a one-year deal to return to the team that drafted him.

Unfortunately for Sutton and the Steelers, the process is still playing out. The NFL hasn't made an official ruling, but the team is preparing as if Sutton could miss time this season.

How much time will he miss? Well, it seems that the Steelers and General Manager Omar Khan aren't quite certain. Since Sutton violated the NFL's personal conduct policy, the range for possible discipline is wide. He could be subject to a hefty fine, a single-game suspension, or be out of action for multiple weeks.

The tricky part about anticipating the NFL's punishment is that there is no consistency. Each case is evaluated individually, so you can't find a precedent to rely on. In December of 2023, the Kansas City Chiefs faced a similar situation with wide receiver Justyn Ross. After being arrested for domestic battery and criminal property damage, the league suspended him for six games. Perhaps the Steelers are looking at a situation like this and expecting the same discipline for Sutton.

Speaking to 93.7 The Fan, Khan was asked about Sutton's potential punishment from the league. He admitted how much uncertainty there is in the entire process.

"Zero idea at all, that comes from New York," Khan said. "You probably have to ask those guys in New York. We understand the situation, but that decision's gonna come from New York."

The comment is a bit of a surprise from Khan. With all of the team's due diligence before re-signing Sutton, it seems hard to believe they have no concept of the repercussions awaiting him. It may also be an attempted misdirect to downplay the issue publicly while the team is preparing for Sutton to miss time.

In minicamp this week, it was clear that the team expects to play some regular-season action without Sutton. Players like Beanie Bishop and Joziah Gray saw more snaps this week, indicating the Steelers want them acclimating to larger roles in Sutton's potential absence. Secondary coach Grady Brown spoke about preparing as if Sutton will miss time after their sessions broke.

"I would imagine so, not knowing much about the off-the-field part of things and where we are, to be honest with you," Brown said. "But I think that's a reasonable expectation that I would have to have that thought and we have to have that thought in our mind."

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