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Robert Spillane Details What Brian Flores Has Added to the Linebackers

The Pittsburgh Steelers inside linebacker room has something special.

LATROBE, PA -- The Pittsburgh Steelers have a second "head coach" leading their inside linebacker room. Brian Flores's official title is Senior Defensive Assistant, but to his players, he's bringing a whole lot more. 

Both Robert Spillane and Myles Jack identified Flores as a "head coach" when discussing his impact on the linebacker room. Along with the rest of the group, the two veterans understand what their coach has accomplished, and they feel the extra knowledge that comes with Flores's journey.

"He's brought experience and understanding," Spillane said. "He's an amazing person, first. He does a great job of conveying what he wants to be done. A head coach. We have a head coach in our inside linebacker room. A man with that type of knowledge can only give of himself to the group. That's all he's done so far, and that's all you can ask for.

"You don't become a head coach in this league by accident. He's done a lot of things in his career right to get to where he is today. I wouldn't be surprised if he's backing coaching one of these teams in the near future, but for now, I'm grateful to work with him."

Flores has been identified as a "military" style coach. Terrell Edmunds referred to him as a "bulldog" during mini camp. And that's because of his high energy level and strict expectations. 

"He's intense, but most football coaches are," Spillane said. "He brings a level of energy that's infections to the group and it's infectious to the defense."

And with a lawsuit against the NFL and a number of teams, outside of the Steelers, Flores has plenty on his plate. So far, he hasn't brought any of it to the team. 

"When we're with him, he gives 100% to us," Spillane said.

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