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Steelers Are Much Closer Than You Think

Look at the growth and you'll see how much closer the Pittsburgh Steelers are than people give them credit for being.

PITTSBURGH -- Everyone wants to talk about the negatives with the Pittsburgh Steelers. They didn't make the playoffs, continue to struggle offensively and need to somehow compete with superstar quarterbacks around the league. 

What we should be talking about is how far up the ladder this team has climbed toward winning a Super Bowl. From a year ago today, the Steelers are a totally different team, and until you look at it piece by piece, you can't see just how far they've come. 

One year's span is how you should measure the progress of a team. They didn't make the playoffs, and that's a tough milestone to miss, but in the grand scheme of things, the Pittsburgh Steelers are a lot closer to their end goal than they were a year ago today. 

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