Livvy Dunne returning to LSU gymnastics for 5th year (VIDEO)

LSU gymnast and social media star Livvy Dunne announced she is returning to school for her fifth-year of eligibility.
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Livvy Dunne is heading back to LSU.

The social media starlet and member of LSU's 2024 national champion gymnastics team, announced that she will be returning for her fifth-year of eligibility.

As you would expect, Dunne announced the news in a post on social media.

The video was appropriately captioned, "Not Dunne yet."

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“This past year I found a renewed love of the sport. I had trained a lot in the off season, so I felt really strong and healthy from the start and ready to contribute,” Dunne said. “I really enjoyed the dynamic of the team this year and it all came together well. Winning the national championships was a great team accomplishment, but I feel like I have more to give as an individual competitor.”

“I’ve seen how important women’s sports are to the younger generation, and I want to be part of always advocating for those opportunities.”

Livvy Dunne, LSU gymnastics
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She continued, “I couldn’t do another year or even another day if I didn’t have the support that surrounds me from fans, family, friends, coaches and so many others! Those people cheering me on every day is what gets me through the hard days and keeps me motivated to do more.”

Dunne has been among the highest-earning athletes of the NIL era, thanks to her popularity on social media. She boasts over a combined 13 million followers on TikTok and Instagram.

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