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Alabama OL Javion Cohen Shares Struggle with Mental Health

The Crimson Tide offensive lineman opened up on his mental health issues over a social media post Tuesday.

Alabama starting offensive lineman Javin Cohen has spent the past month in rehab while working to overcome mental health issues, he announced Tuesday through a post on his Instagram account.

“The pressure we feel as athletes is insurmountable and can be too much at times,” Cohen wrote in the post. “I don’t want to focus on the bad though, I want to shed light on the good that has come of this. (one of the lessons I learned here lol.) Herren Wellness has taught me so many things about myself and life that I am eternally grateful for. The biggest lesson, it’s okay to not be okay, but it is not okay to not say you’re not okay.

“I know I’m not alone when I say I felt for the longest I had no support. No outlet to express my emotions too without feeling judged or being afraid to do so. Being here taught myself and so many around me that that’s not true. Being vulnerable does not make you weak, it actually shows how strong you are. I have plenty of tools I learned here that will help push me to be the man I want to be and it all started with a simple statement. 'I’m not okay.'

“To anyone who feels like they are alone you aren’t. There are people in this world who are willing to help you but the first step is allowing them too. I encourage everyone reading this to put yourself first and stand up for your mental health. The struggle ends when you decide to talk about it. this has been an absolute blessing from God and I’m completely sure it will be for others too. seek the help you need and do not be afraid to be open about your troubles. Forever grateful for Herren Wellness, my support system, and most importantly God for giving me the strength to go through this journey and make myself a better man. Looking forward to life more and more every day!”

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The Herren Wellness referenced by Cohen in his message is a substance abuse treatment facility founded by former NBA player Chris Herren. It has locations in Massachusetts and Virginia. 

Cohen is the second Alabama offensive lineman to spend time at Herren Wellness this offseason. Dayne Shor also opened up about his time there after entering the transfer portal in May. Shor later transferred to Connecticut. 

Cohen, a Phenix City, Ala., native, started all 14 games he appeared in at the left guard last season. He is projected to retain his starting role heading into his junior season this year.