Phase 1 of the University of Alabama’s Crimson Standard included renovations to the Mal Moore Athletic Facility and the Crimson Tide’s official football Twitter account sent out a teaser online to showcase some of the work that has been done. 

The video shows each player’s locker that is personalized and has a leather recliner in each space. A nice touch is the home state of each player outlined underneath their respective name. 

The facility will also be home to the program’s new Sports Science Center, that is dedicated to the newest technology surrounding athletic training. 

Last month on the Crimson Tide Sports Network Summer Update Show, Alabama athletic director Greg Byrne gave an update regarding the work done at the facility along with construction at Bryant-Denny Stadium. 

“Mal Moore’s actually coming together here very well,” Byrne said. “I took a tour a few days ago, and it’s really impressive to see. We’re getting this building and facility set up for the next 10, 15, 20 years so it can continue to really serve our student-athletes, our coaches, our staff, and at the same time, too, it helps us make sure we always have the legacy of Mal Moore at the forefront of what we do and what a great man and what a wonderful athletic director, coach (he was). So, that’s going well.

“And over at Bryant-Denny, a lot of good progress there. We’re going to be full steam ahead. A lot of parts of the project are getting close to being completed, but obviously, we have a lot of balls up in the air there, whether it’s the locker room, the recruiting area, the new club areas, videoboards and some of the things we’re doing from a concourse standpoint. But I’m looking forward to when we have the finished product, and I’m also looking forward to when we all get to be in there together again.” 

Postcard from Tuscaloosa: Bryant-Denny Stadium Renovations Appear to be Hitting Home Stretch