Terrell "Iron Mike" Lewis?

Christopher Walsh

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — Even though it happened days ago, Terrell Lewis couldn’t help but still laugh Monday.

Over the years more than one person has commented that the Alabama linebacker sounds more than a little like former heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson. He also does a very good impression, which has cracked up more than a few teammates. 

So when Tyson visited the Crimson Tide last week and was a guest speaker for fall camp, well ... 

"It was funny, it was funny listening to him, and then I was looking at other guys [like] Anfernee [Jennings] and he'll be looking at me trying not to laugh,” Lewis said. “And we're both looking like, 'Man, what if he says something about us laughing.'

“It was funny just being in there and guys looking at me and I'm looking at them like, 'What?'"

Thankfully, Tyson didn’t say anything in front of the team, or when talking to Lewis later on.

"No, he didn't notice any similarities,” Lewis continued. “Just as far as his mindset, even the video they played for us before he actually even spoke, just hearing his mindset going into a fight and stuff like that. You can tell he's got a different mentality when he's going in to compete."

“Mike is a different dude."

Here’s five other things Lewis talked about with reporters on Monday, including playing in his first scrimmage since suffering a torn ACL more than a year ago:

1] On being able to hit someone again in a full-contact setting:

"It was fun just being back out there and being in the mix and stuff, and getting that confidence back like, 'OK, you haven't done this in a while,' but I kind of went into it with the mindset of 'don't think about it, just play.' And just go in with that mindset that nothing ever happened."

2] So who was the first guy you hit?

"Offensive tackle Tommy [Brown]. That play's pretty interesting. You should ask Coach about it. … It was just my first pass rush in a minute, so I kind of wanted to be a little more physical than I have been.”

3] Who are some of the non-starters to watch at outside linebacker?

“Definitely Chris Allen. I feel like he’s definitely getting comfortable and really learning why we do things and the way we do things. Learning the defense and concept stuff like that. Then we’ve got younger guys, like Ben Davis is a guy we’re kind of depending on to step up, and also younger guys like Kevin Harris and King (Mwikuta). King is another guy that we’ve kind of been trying to push along so we can gradually get him to understand the game and stuff like that so we can get him in there too."

4] Did Saban chew you out for hitting Tommy Brown?

“Nah, Saban don’t say anything. He ain’t going to kiss nobody’s [rear]. That’s Saban. Actually, he was right in front of it, so it’s kind of like he just saw it and was like ‘Oh, whatever.’”

5] What do you expect the season-opener to be like for you?

“I haven’t really thought that through yet, honestly. But I know I’ll be excited. I’ll probably have some pre-game jitters, stuff like that. But in a sense, I kind of got a preview of it when I went out there and warmed up for the Georgia game. I don’t know, I’m just, like I said, taking it day by day. When it happens it will come. But Atlanta, I feel like that’s my home field, so I don’t really get too much pre-game jitters when I’m there. I feel like I’ve been there more than Bryant-Denny.”

Bonus: One reporter asked Lewis if he sounded like Mike Tyson more than Mike Tyson does. His response: “You answer that. How can I sound more like Mike Tyson than Mike Tyson?”