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Adam Schefter: 'Jets are Going to Take Zach Wilson'

Adam Schefter officially welcomed Zach Wilson to New York on Monday.
zach wilson

After Adam Schefter broke the news that the New York Jets were trading quarterback Sam Darnold to the Carolina Panthers, he texted BYU quarterback Zach Wilson to welcome him to New York. On ESPN's Get Up, Schefter said, "I sent him a text yesterday. I said, "Welcome to New York, Zach, officially."

Schefter went on to provide more context, adding that the Jets wouldn't have made the Darnold trade without knowing they would take a quarterback, and which quarterback that would be:

"Zach Wilson would seem to be the obvious choice at number two. It looks like he is headed to the Jets. You don't trade Sam Darnold and make that move without knowing that you're going to take a quarterback...the Jets are on the clock, and they are going to take Zach Wilson from Brigham Young."  - Adam Schefter

If Zach Wilson is selected before the fifth overall pick, he will become the highest NFL Draft pick in BYU history. In the most recent and relevant mock drafts, Wilson was the consensus second overall pick after impressing during his pro day, and the Jets trading QB Sam Darnold. You can read the updated mock draft projections for Zach Wilson here.

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